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Congratulations Valerie Hardwick! Both of Valerie's female Path Valley Farm ferrets took home ribbons from the American Ferret Associations 2007 Spring Nationals Ferret  Competition held on March 17, 2007 at the Horticulture Hall of the York Fairgrounds in York Pennsylvania. Pippi has a rare full mask for a Champagne.

["Pippi" (left) won first place in Champagne Specialty Class at the A.F.A Spring Nationals. Her other PVF baby "Chiquita" (right) placed in the top ten in the Companion Title Class and the Black Roan Mitt Specialty Class.)




Lauren Porubski's female albino Path Valley Farm ferret had attended 2 Legion Of Superferrets ferret shows on March 11 and 12, 2006 and won first place in the Albino Class both days and first place in the Petstore/Shelter Class on Saturday.  Chaos and Laurens five other fuzzies all love Path Valley Farm ferret food and eat it every day. 

Chaos did it again! She won first place in the Albino Class and first place in the Pet Store/Shelter Class on August 12, 2006 at the LOS Specialty show. Congratulations Chaos!

("K-K" won first place in the Altered Female Class and 3rd place both days in Albino Class at the LOS show on March 17 and 18 2007.)

Chaos wows the judges again 2008! She went to 2 shows on March 16-17, 2008 at the LOS National Show at the Reading Pet Expo and took first place Albino and first palce Petstore/Shelter, second place Royalty (out of about 20 ferrets), 9th place Nobility (out of about 22 ferrets), and 4th place altered female on March 16th. On March 17th she took 2nd place Petstore/Shelter

"Chaos and her 5 brothers and sisters all eat PV crunchy diet. She is now 3 1/2 years old and she is in great health and loves to eat her PV food.", states Lauren Porubski.


You can find more info about other ferret shows at The American Ferret Association's website www.ferret.org 


Information Alert: 


*NEW* Ferret food for young & senior ferrets, PVF Premium Ferret Diet! This diet replaces the PVF Poultry & Rice.



 Path Valley Farm does not apply ear dot tattoos or tattoos to other parts of the ferret.  If you have a ferret with tattoo dots your ferret is NOT from Path Valley Farm.  Please ask your store where your ferret came from so you will know where your ferret was born.  All Path Valley Farm ferrets come with a numbered written guarantee.



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    Ferrets are small, fun loving animals that make wonderful pets. These mischievous merrymakers are always ready to cheer you up with antics. Their playful nature remains with them throughout their entire lives. Ferrets are truly companion animals that thrive on love and attention - the more the better.

    Of course, like all living creatures, ferrets require proper care and handling. It is a good idea to learn about ferrets before you bring one home.

    Throughout this picture tour, you will learn why our ferrets are healthier and of better temperament then other breeders' ferrets. And why your next pet ferret should be a  Path Valley Farm, Inc. ferret!

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