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baby ferretbaby ferret Ferret Survival Basics for the New Owner

(Please note feed instructions for your new ferret kit.  We strongly recommend reading and learning about ferrets before adding a ferret to your family)


Why are Path Valley Farm ferrets Neutered and Descented?

Ferrets are neutered and descented for the benefit of the ferret and the owner. Ferrets not neutered and descented smell awful and routine bathing will not solve this problem. Female ferrets come into heat and stay in heat for months. If you leave them in heat, scientific research indicates that most of them will die due to prolonged exposure to hormones. They must be spayed. Neutering and descenting ends these dangers once and for all.

Path Valley Farm's World Class Guarantee!

special color ferretPVF™ ferrets are guaranteed against congenital, nutritional and genetic problems in the first year of life when fed PVF™ food. We do not exclude tumors and cancers in the first year of life as do some other breeders of ferrets. Genetically diverse, healthy ferrets should not experience these types of problems.

What I Eat and Drink!

I need access to food and water 24 hours a day because food only stays in a ferret’s system 3 hours or less. Ferrets are carnivores. Their natural diet is high in meat-based proteins and high in fat to meet their nutritional needs. Path Valley Farm Ferret Diets are all formulated to keep your ferret healthy for many years to come. PVF Premium Ferret Diet is shaped to be "easy chew". This really attracts your ferret to eat enough for great growth. Path Valley Farm Premium Ferret Diet is recommended for your ferret's first year.   It is great for any ferret needing an "easy chew" ferret diet.

Path Valley Farm Crunchy is specifically formulated for all the stages of life of the Adult NEUTERED ferret.  Both diets have been tested on our very own animals here at Path Valley Farm. 

silver adult ferret

PVF Premium Ferret Diet's "easy chew" pellets can be fed all during your ferret's life but are required for your ferret's first year.  They should be fed "as is".  This food is revolutionary because you do not need to moisten it before feeding unless your ferret has some special health needs.  Please use a heavy bowl for water so it will not be tipped over while the ferrets are playing. Youngsters/Seniors require a heavy BOWL to increase water intake!



Recipe for "moistened food" for ferrets with special health needs:

1.   Fill bowl with Path Valley Farm dry ferret diet.

2.   Add water to cover top of Path Valley Farm dry food.

3.   Allow around (20) minutes for dry food to absorb water.

4.   Mash food with fork before feeding (oatmeal consistency).

5.   Change feed at least 2 times daily.

Important Tip:  Ferrets under one year of age, seniors and ferrets with special needs require a water BOWL instead of a water bottle to maximize water drinking.  If you do transition your ferret after the first year to a water bottle, keep both types of water available till ferret is drinking (not playing) with the water bottle

Washing and Fleas

Please give me a bath with a ferret shampoo when needed. If no ferret shampoos are available, a cat product will be acceptable. Never use dog products on ferrets. If I get any fleas, use products that say they are for ferrets. Some cat products can be used on ferrets but dog products are dangerous for ferrets.

Carry Me Aroundsabel ferret

I like to travel in a car. I like to ride in the hood of your coat, in your pocket, or in your purse. I can even be trained to ride on your shoulder. I like to travel in all sorts of pouches.

   When I'm Playing

I hop up and down and pretend to attack your hand. I'm not trying to hurt you. If I do--even accidentally--scold me. If I play too rough, holler "NO" and a gentle snap on my nose. Never strike a ferret on the side or back. I'm just like a kid - I need both love and discipline. Please talk nice to me when you pick me up and give me treats occasionally. This helps teach me how much fun it is to be carried around.

Litter Training

I use corners for toilets ..... unless I'm really excited or confused. I get so busy having fun I may forget to head to my bathroom. Please start me in a small room so I can make it to my bathroom in time. I always have to go when I first wake up. If you'll sit me in my litter pan right away, I'll use the corner in the pan. Praise and treats are appreciated for my good work and help me learn to return to my litter pan.

Vaccinationsbaby silver ferrets

Ferrets can receive their baby booster shot for Canine distemper at 9 weeks but will need their first adult distemper shots at 12 weeks of age. Ferret rabies vaccinations are available. Please consult your vet.

 Path Valley Farm Pledges to sell No Ferrets for Research

We breed for the best possible pet for your family. Many research facilities want an animal that is "genetically stable". Genetically stable is another way of saying closely bred for many years (inbred). We believe that genetic diversity ensures the healthiest, strongest pet possible. Also, we want our babies going to nice homes where they can be spoiled, treasured pets. Thank you for supporting this policy by purchasing Path Valley Farm ferrets and products.

Recommended Reading

The book  FERRETS - A Complete Pet Owners Manual. Written by Path Valley’s very own E. Lynn “Fox” Morton, published by Barron’s Educational series.


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